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Customer Testimonials

    "I am very pleased with the way it turned out and I appreciate all of your efforts to make it right. I will definitely use your company again for any further orders. Thank you again for your concern and assistance."

    By Kathy, from U.S

    "Just got the bobbleheads. Thank you. They look great and both my boyfriend and I are very pleased with the final version."

    By Eileen, from C.A

    "Very awesome....I can't express how much it has been a great pleasure working with you and your company. The personal attention and accomodation is spectacular. I am so looking forward to receiving the final product next week and if I need any bobbleheads in the future, you will be the company I work with!!
    Hope you have a great New Year!!"

    By Nicole, from U.S

    "Thank You so much for the sending me the proofing. Omg I love the bobble head so far. It looks amazing. The only thing I can see that should be added is that the person has more of a tan color than the bobble head has and has a little blush on the cheeks for color. I donít know if thatís not because itís not baked yet but I do love it and approve of it. Like I said if you could just add a little tan darker color to the bobble head (the whole body and face) with a little red blush in the cheeks than it would be perfect. Thanks so much. You did an amazing job with the face. Very pleased now just hope it gets here by xmas. Thanks again. This is going to be the greatest gift. "

    By Anthony, from U.S

    "We received the bobblehead yesterday, and it's awesome! Thank you, thank you for getting it here so quickly, and it looks exactly like the photo we sent. We are going to do another bobblehead from your company. Well done."

    By Monika, from Canada

    "Great! Please thank the sculptor for all the changes I am so excited to receive it. I will definately recommend your company."

    By Connie, from U.S

    "Wow! You guys do excellent work! I am so excited...This will be the best gift ever."

    By Donna, from Australia

    "Thank you so much for all your help in the bobble ordering process. It turned out perfectly, exactly how I had imagined it from the start, if not better! Everyone who has seen it so far is amazed at how great it is! Thanks again"

    By Peter, from U.S

    "Thank you again for your great customer service and Iíll be sure to pass along the website to other so they may order one themselves!"

    By Dottie, from U.S

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