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Customer Testimonials

    "my son was soooo happy to get his bobble head for his birthday . the communication was very pleasing, they kept constant up dates of how it was coming along ,and also went that bit further to personalise and add the colour of his surfboard and his tattoo, looking forward to buying again. cheers yous done a fab job"

    By chrissy welling, from Australia

    "Absolutely awesome!!! I received mine last night as a Christmas gift from my sister. The "awesome" comments keep pouring in. My sister explained how you send out the proofs during the sculpting and I must say that you seem to run a top-notch business as well as deliver a superb product! Thank you very much rock bobblehead for creating such a unique, fun and accurate gift!!"

    By Chris Perry, from United States

    "We received our bobble heads yesterday and are so happy with them. They look great!
    We were also very impressed with your company and the amazing customer service you provided us with .
    Thanks so much.
    Thank you so much for your assistance with this!"

    By Dave Blaquiere, from C.A

    They are just perfect!!!
    I love them! Everybody did.
    Thank you so, so much for your work and ALL the emails you sent to me!
    I know, I will order more!
    They are so great....the little teeth and everything!
    Unbelivable how you guys do that.
    I wish I could come and watch.
    My best wishes to you and the whole team!"

    By Waltraud Cassells, from Germany

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