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Custom 2-on-1 base

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This is recommended if you want us to create the pose, outfit of your choice. If you can imagine it, we can make it.

Keep in mind, this is a 2 person bobblehead, it can be all males, females or mix and match bobblehead dolls - the price includes the 2 dolls, 1 base, clothing choice, color and pose - additional items are subject to additional charges.

It is completely hand sculpted. We offer full proofs to allow you to see the progress and approve it each step to ensure your satisfaction moving forward throughout the process.

Please be detailed in your order. Changes after the order has begun can result in potential additional charges.

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* Background can be a motorcycle, a car, a boat, any frame you can imagine.

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* If our system fails, simply check "I will send my photos later" and continue the checkout, once complete you can email the photos with your order number to






* Please describe the details of clothing, pose and outfit here, the more details you give us, the more details we can make on your bobble.

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About Size

Most of our dolls are between 6.5-7.5 inches (16-18 cm). Sizes can vary as all of our pieces are hand made.

About Color

If you want to change the clothes color, you can describe on the comment. Select your color choices for the eyes, hair carefully, color changes are subject to additional charges after order confirmed. Keep in minds that the color is the clay, it's not painted. see instruction

About Proofing

We proudly offer FREE approvals in the different stages during the creation of your hand sculpted bobblehead doll. Changes can be made like making the nose wider or lips thinner - this means a great deal when sculpting your doll to ensure satisfaction.

During the process, we send head proofs, hair proofs, body proofs and final proofs to your email. Each step can be approved or modified, if a change is requested, we will amend the doll and provide a new proof - if it is approved we will bake that step and move towards another proof. As approvals are received, we bake and process your dolls, we can not move backwards.

About image upload

  • The front photo is required, and we recommend that you send us one profile photo. If you are performing a head to toe full custom design, you can also send us a outfit / pose photo for us to use as well. The photos we received will determine the final resemblance of your bobblehead.
  • We can not piece together multiple photos to capture different facial features or expressions. EX. If you want the person to smile, the primary photo must depict them smiling.

Once we present the sculpt of the person from the primary photo, we will not accept additional photos to make changes. We will make amendments within the scope of the primary photo only. Requesting a new photo after the sculpt will result in additional charge (resculpting would be necessary)

About shipping and production times

During checkout, our site will allow you to select the time you want the doll received in.

  • Standard (ships 3-4 weeks, proofing)
  • Urgent (ships within 15 days, proofing)
  • Super Urgent (ships within 10 days, proofing)
  • Wow, I need it now (ships within 5 days, no proofs)

Charge is base on the time frame you selected, single doll starting at $29.39, and double doll starting at $39.39